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Camp Sunrise is turning 23!

Every summer since 1994,

Camp Sunrise has welcomed as many as 100 children to experience the joys of friendship, the love and support of a caring community, and an encouraging environment free of the stigma surrounding HIV/AIDS.

This year, we are having a week full of holidays!

Come join us as we celebrate a year’s worth of holidays at our week at camp. Be prepared be spooked on Halloween. Gifted at Christmas. Loved on Valentines Day and celebrated on Independence Day!

Who We Serve

Boys & Girls
Ages 6-17
Children Living with HIV/AIDS
Children Impacted by HIV/AIDS
Inability to Pay Is Not a Factor

When you have AIDS, you have a feeling of being separate and no longer part of the world. At Camp Sunrise, everyone belongs; everyone has a home. No one goes an hour without a hug or someone cheering them on.

Camp Sunrise Camper

“Camp Sunrise is a place where you hear people laughing – not just children, but teens and adults alike. It is a place where the worries of the world do not touch a little piece of heaven that we get to live in, even if only for a week.”

— quote from a Camp Sunrise camper —

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About Camp Joy

Camp Joy was founded in 1937 and was one of the first camps to embrace racial integration in 1948 and co-ed camping in 1952. Its vision is ``to inspire guests to become better people, influence their community, and create a better world.`` Camp Joy hosts over 13,000 campers every year while celebrating its values of passion, integrity, compassion, and respect.
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