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2018 is the Final Year for Camp Sunrise

Every summer since 1994,

Camp Sunrise has welcomed as many as 100 children to experience the joys of friendship, the love and support of a caring community, and an encouraging environment free of the stigma surrounding HIV/AIDS.

It is with mixed emotions that we announce that 2018 will be the final year of Camp Sunrise.

In 2014, Equitas Health (then AIDS Resource Center Ohio) helped Camp Sunrise continue by welcoming the camp to its statewide network. But along with the success of nearly-eradicated mother-to-child transmission of HIV, comes the decline in the feasibility of running a camp solely devoted to serving children living with the disease. During the last two summers only six and four HIV-positive campers attended the week-long camp.

While we are thrilled with this milestone, we recognize that those children who do live with HIV are no less in need of this unique camp experience. We are therefore pleased to announce that Flying Horse Farms, a member of the Serious Fun Children’s Network, has agreed to include a week of camp for children living with HIV/AIDS to their camp schedule beginning in 2019.

Who We Serve

Boys & Girls
Ages 6-17
Children Living with HIV/AIDS
Children Impacted by HIV/AIDS
Inability to Pay Is Not a Factor

When you have AIDS, you have a feeling of being separate and no longer part of the world. At Camp Sunrise, everyone belongs; everyone has a home. No one goes an hour without a hug or someone cheering them on.

Camp Sunrise Camper

“Camp Sunrise is a place where you hear people laughing – not just children, but teens and adults alike. It is a place where the worries of the world do not touch a little piece of heaven that we get to live in, even if only for a week.”

— quote from a Camp Sunrise camper —

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Recreation Unlimited was founded in 1958 and currently serves approximately 3,200 individuals with disabilities and health concerns. Recreation Unlimited is the largest provider in the state of Ohio serving individuals with disabilities in the area of sports, recreation and education with the most comprehensive and quality program offerings.

The year-round 195-acre, wheelchair accessible campus features a new 20,000 sq. ft. Life Center, three major residence halls, a private cottage for retreats, multi-purpose lodge, creative center, dining hall, outdoor pavilion, health services center and nurses quarters, outpost camp site, administrative and support buildings. Outdoor sports facilities include an aquatic center, aquatic playground, track and field, tennis and sports court, accessible softball field, 25 ft. tree climb, two challenge courses and a 50 ft. Alpine Tower.